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Who is Ted Jackson?

Along, long time ago, 15 years to be precise, Ted Jackson was a 28 year old father of two, boozer, smoker, obese, idle and loathsome.(think John Belushi in Animal House) A useless husband and a terrible father. With numerous car wrecks, nights in local constabularies, and the odd black eye, Ted was hardly living the dream. Two months “professional help” at the end of 1999, fifteen sober years since and life has changed. And boy has it changed..! Now he’s a father of four (the kids even quite like him), Opera singer with the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, Teacher and Mentor, Extreme Event addict, Fundraiser Extraordinaire and, let’s not forget, fabulous husband.

His notable achievements since his renaissance include singing to thousands as Principal Tenor with the RPCO, Cycling the entire Tour de France in 2006, completing Ironman UK in under 17 hours (but coming last!), leading the North Pole Marathon for 17 seconds (completing in 9 hours at minus 40 degrees!), appearing on Richard and Judy (surely a pinnacle in anyone’s career), and, most recently, completing the Marathon Des Sables (250km race through the Sahara desert).

His latest caper saw him raise over £40,000 for Overcoming MS, a small charity which has had a big impact on his life since Sophie (long-suffering wife and childhood sweetheart!) was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009. Devastated by the news, Ted has dedicated himself to raising £777,000. for Overcoming MS. Some things have not changed, he still challenges the scales at around fifteen stone and Mehmet, the local Kebab van owner, could easily be described as Ted’s best friend. Nevertheless, he can never be accused of doing things by halves….what’s next? Oh, just the case of running seven marathons on seven continents in 7 days!

Keep up with Ted’s progress:

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